I'm So Into It: March 12, 2019

The Ides of March are almost upon us, and here's what I'm digging this week: 

1. Rent the Runway Unlimited

Y'allllllllll. This has been a GAME CHANGER.

2019 is one of those years where EVERYONE I know is getting married/having a baby/turning 30... and that all adds up to a LOT of parties. A lot of parties where I need to look cute.
Since my usual fashion aesthetic runs more towards oversized flannel shirts and leggings these days, I knew I needed a little assist in the fashion arena.
Enter Unlimited.
I've been enthusiastic about RTR for years and years, but even so I was skeptical about trying out this "unlimited" concept for a monthly fee.
I've swapped shirts, pants, earrings, dresses, and bags in and out over the last month and it's been fantastic. One of the perks that I didn't fully realize was being able to purchase items you love at a steep discount... so now when you don't want to give something back, you can just buy it instead of pining after it forever!

Click this link for a Rent the Runway discount: https://rtr.app.link/e/j3LCMB6jTU

2. Jouer Long Wear Lip Cream

I wore this for our engagement photos and it was a gosh darned delight.

3. Sabbatical Beauty Asian Powerhouse Serum

I absolutely love the concept behind this skincare company- and I adore that they're local to Philly!
That said, for me the most important issue with skin care products is how well they work- and this serum is impressively effective. It's officially become a critical part of my daily routine.

4. iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

I'm starting work on a Master's Degree later this year (SURPRISE. Don't worry- more to come on THAT later.) and I've been considering the best way to take notes/ study/ turn in assignments when I'm on the road for work.
That led to research into paperless note taking, which led to watching a ton of YouTube videos, which led to me seriously considering buying a new iPad- something I hadn't done in about six years.
Then my girl Carly came out with this post  and I decided it was time to give it a shot.

I have been truly shocked by the way the Apple Pencil has transformed my iPad use for the better. I've been able to use various apps to get creative and make neat graphics- it's also allowed me to create designs that previously lived only in my head...and now I have an Etsy Store!

5. Metal straws

Look, we use too much plastic. It's a huge problem.
 One way of reducing my plastic use has involved switching from single use disposable plastic straws to metal reusable straws.
Two additional perks: these copper straws are pretty and I don't worry about weird chemicals when I'm drinking a hot beverage (i.e. coffee) through one of them.
That said, I want to voice my opposition to the broad banning of plastic straws.
I love sea turtles just as much as the next person, but there are some people who NEED to have plastic straws available.
The availability of plastics straws is an accessibility issue for many people with disabilities.
This video explains it far more thoroughly than I ever could:

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