How to Give the Best Wedding Speech

All wedding speeches/toasts fall into one of these categories:

1. Hot mess.
The speech giver decided to wing it, downed a few shots, and/or it's unbearably raunchy.

Please let this end.

2. Boring.
Cliche. Blah. Cringe. Is he still talking?

3. Thank goodness that's over.
"Well, at least she tried."

4. Delightful.
Short, sweet, heartfelt, effective.

5. Brilliant.

Public speaking freaks people out, so it's understandable that sometimes people fall into one (or more) of the first three categories. 

You want your toast to be a four or a five, so let's make it happen.

Look, the reality is that not all of us can or should deliver a speech in the form of a rap, or a Disney song medley, so here's a basic formula for a speech that will take you from a 1 to at least a 4. 

(For the purposes of this example, let's assume you're making a speech on behalf of a bride.)

A Formula for a Solid Wedding Speech:

Introduce yourself and your role at the wedding.
Explain how you met the bride as briefly as possible.
Share a quick anecdote that showcases an excellent part of the bride's personality.
Share how the bride's new spouse brings that excellent thing out in her.
Share a story of the two of them together that exemplifies why they're a great fit as a couple.
If appropriate, add a quote or traditional proverb.
Finish strong with something simple like "To the happy couple!" 

Obviously if you're an experienced pro, add in some jokes (as long as they're rated G) and references to things the couple loves. Personalize it. 

Most importantly: write a speech that is focused on the couple you're celebrating. 
This is their day to shine together.

Have questions? Feel like you need some coaching on speech content or delivery?

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