Red Lipstick Resistance

It's no secret that I'm a pretty political person. 

But the truth is that I kind of hate politics.
I don't like playing games. 
I want to find straightforward solutions to problems so that we can help people. 

But I've learned over the past 16 years of my involvement in politics that problem solving isn't always as simple as we'd like it to be. 
Real and lasting change is complicated and it takes time. 
Real change is never simple, and it's never easy. 

You also probably know that I'm an outspoken feminist. I mean, it's literally in all of my social media profiles. 
I don't pretend to be an expert on every issue, but the question of gender equality and fairness is the cause that has set my heart on fire for my entire life.
I wrote my first letter to the editor of our local paper when I was ten years old, complaining about sexism and gender stereotypes in a column. 
My mom didn't coach me to do it. 
(Frankly, she's still a little baffled as to how she managed to produce me.)
She just gave me the tools to express the outrage that I felt, which involved a handwritten letter faxed in to our local newspaper.

For me, feminism and femininity go together like wine and ice cream.
I love them both and they make my life better when I embrace them responsibly.

The "classic Flight Attendant" look is hyper feminine, and of course involves those signature red lips. 
I've been into bold lipstick for as long as I've been seriously into makeup. 
I won Miss Vermont in a bright red dress with bright red lips. 
Bold lipstick has been my signature move for my entire adult life. 

Today is the International Women's Strike/ A Day Without A Woman.

I already have the day off from my paid job, but I'm also going to be spending the day striking from as much unpaid work as possible. For example, I'm going to let my boyfriend lean in and take care of the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, but I'm still going to take care of the puppy while he's at work. She's a living baby creature who needs care. I can't strike from THAT. 

As a union member, I proud of the connections that today has to the labor movement. 

My favorite thing I'll be doing today is wearing red lipstick.

A lot of people struggle with the idea that this symbol of femininity has feminist origins, but it sure DOES. 
It's also been a way that strong women express their bold power throughout modern history. 

A quick synopsis:
Suffragettes defiantly wore red lipstick when they marched in the streets for the right to vote.
Rosie the Riveter wore red lipstick when she built our way to allied victory during WWII.
Hitler hated women wearing lipstick. 

So fight back against misogyny, sexism, and Hitler, everybody. 
Wear red in whatever form makes your heart glad, and stand in solidarity for equality. 

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