That Whole Miss America Thing

Six years ago today, I was on national television. 
Most days it still feels impossible that I was *actually* Miss Vermont. 
Like, how on EARTH did a pale nerd become someone competing to be "the queen of femininity" at twenty years old?

Spot the Vermonter.

Being a former (forever) Miss State is a weird thing.
You're a celebrity with a very specific group of people.
You're part of one of the most elite sororities in the world. 
You can never really leave it behind you, even if you wanted to.

Being Miss Vermont will always be a part of my identity.
It has shaped too much of my life for it to become some "fun fact" that I hide most of the time. 

And for all of that, I'm so grateful.

But as always, what I'm most grateful for are these women.

 (To this day I can't watch this without crying and having flashbacks.)

We met a lifetime ago when we were all so young.
Now we've gotten degrees, gotten married, had kids, gotten divorced, bought houses, started careers, changed careers, starred in hit musicals, starred in TV shows, become lawyers and doctors and so many more things.

So here we are- another year into forever as part of one of the most hilarious, most interesting, and most fun Miss America classes to ever rock that runway. We've come a long way from Las Vegas, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks stars.

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