Packing List: Winter Weekend in London

London is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. 
When I was growing up we lived there for a few years and my love affair with that glorious city has never ended.

When traveling, my wardrobe goal is always to blend in as much as possible without being pretentious. As an American choosing travel clothes for Europe, stick to classic styles and practical pieces that will keep you comfortable, but most importantly not sloppy. One of my pet peeves is Americans dressing badly and making the rest of us look bad when they travel abroad.

Recently, quite a few of my American friends (all of whom dress very appropriately, for the record) have been heading across the pond for visits and it's inspired me to create this packing list of things I would wear and bring for a quick visit to jolly old London town. If you're getting ready to travel to London, this one is for you.

I lived in the UK and was raised in New England. Those facts are all too clear in my love of most things Barbour. This jacket is a classic investment piece that will last you for decades if you treat it right. It will also give you the practical waterproof protection with room for warm layers that you'll want while exploring the city. December in London (or any winter month) is going to be chilly and damp. Be prepared. Another great jacket option is a classic trench coat like this one. 

These practical leather booties will take you anywhere you need to go and keep your feet dry and cute. You'll probably want to spend quite a bit of time exploring London on walking tours. Sightseeing in London can be overwhelming and the last thing you want is to get blisters or be uncomfortable.

These earrings are slightly retro and perfect for everything. I'm just in love with them. 

A simple necklace for every day. 

Layers, layers, layers. Cozy sweaters are key. 

Everyone should have at least one cashmere sweater in their wardrobe. I love that this one has a neckline that's a little bit different. 

Because this is what I live in. Wearing a button down will very rarely leave you feeling out of place when you're somewhere with a strong business culture.

These t-shirts from Old Navy are seriously my favorite layering tees ever. They're inexpensive, they fit beautifully, and so far mine have held up for years. They are the perfect base layer.

You'll want to have some layering shirts with varying sleeve lengths to stay comfortable. These are the best layering tees. 

The thing I love about high rise denim is that they don't slide down to expose things you don't want exposed, and they can conceal a variety of sins. Specifically they'll be able to conceal any amount of delicious curry you want to eat during your adventures. 

These just look so hip while not being ridiculous.

Warm. Comfortable. Dress. Yes please.
Sweater dresses make great travel dresses because they tend to not wrinkle as easily due to their thicker fabrics.

A simple flattering dress is one of the biggest assets you can have in your travel wardrobe. Different colors and styles will give you great travel outfit options. 

Seriously, one can never have too many sweater dresses in the winter. 

This is a great option if you're planning on going out to a more upscale dinner or meeting while you're in town. It's professional enough that you could wear it into a boardroom but elegant enough that it wouldn't be out of place at a party.

Party necklace! Wear it to your event or pair it with one of those sweater dresses to jazz up your every day look. 

For attending that party- these have a thicker heel that is perfect for navigating cobblestone streets after dark. No one wants to fly home on a sprained ankle. 

Additional items to consider:

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