Holiday Travel: Carryon Edition

Well everyone, we survived Thanksgiving. 

The Wednesday before Turkey Day is the highest traffic travel day of the year. Airports are packed with people, the roads look like folks are fleeing an incoming asteroid, and we're all bracing for the moments when our families will inevitably frustrate us (*cough*political conversations*cough*).

I was on call in base this year, as I likely will be for the next decade or so of my life, and though I was sad not to be with my immediate family members I was able to have a delightful Thanksgiving week with visits from friends, a dinner with Martin's family, and a Friendsgiving. Besides, my family already celebrated Thanksgiving back in October. It's one of the perks of our dual citizen status. 

I didn't get called to fly in the days leading up to the holiday so I was able to do something I love: cook for people and impress them with my unexpected culinary skillz. 
I'm just going to be real with you- I'm a pretty good cook.

 After learning the basics from my very talented mother and both of my grandmothers (one is  a published cook book author and the other is Julia Child's cousin) I've spent my adult years honing my kitchen skills with varying amounts of success, and this summer I really hit my stride. Preparing multiple meals a day for 6-25 people who were *paying* for meals is a whole level of pressure that I'm really really really relieved that I thrived under. 
My mom owns and runs two Bed and Breakfasts and a catering company in Vermont, but while she was out of commission after her stroke I took over the kitchen operations for the most part. It was exciting. 
You can check out the B&Bs here and here

While cooking my favorite Green Bean Casserole (I make it fancy, guys) I decided it's about time I add a cooking element to what I post get excited. It's coming your way soon. 

In the meantime, I want to have a semi-serious conversation about carryon bags during the holiday season. 

While I was working BOS-PHL flights yesterday it was clear that all the college kiddos were heading back to school. I swear half of the plane was doing homework and/or carrying a combo of the VB duffel and a Northface Backpack. 

Ladies, for the love of all that is merry and jolly, PLEASE STOP WITH THE VERA BRADLEY DUFFEL BAGS WHILE FLYING.

Look, they're fine when you're driving somewhere, but trust me when I say that you are going to deeply regret your bag choice about ten minutes into walking around the airport with it. 

Personally, VB patterns have never been my favorite, but I do own some cute duffel style weekender bags which I adore.

This baby from Kate Spade is similar to the one I bought years ago, and this delightful monogrammed option is one that I love using all summer for trips to the beach. 


They're adorable bags, I get it. 
But once they're full of stuff they are FAR too heavy to schlep around the airport comfortably.  

You're going to end up overheated as you awkwardly try to gallop through the airport to catch your next flight, trapped under the weight of a duffel bag that is way too awkward to justify how cute it looks in your snapstory about heading home for the holidays. 

Learn from my past mistakes and my professional airline experience. 
Add this brilliant wheeled carryon bag to your Christmas list right now and thank me later when you're using it to fly home after the December Holidays.

This is easily the BEST carryon bag I've ever worked with. It's designed in such a smart and practical way. I'm in love with it. 

While you're at it, if you MUST carry a backpack, make it this one. You'll be able to haul your books to class and when you enter the real world you'll have a bag you can slide over the telescoping handle of your wheeled suitcase for easy airport sprinting. 

Again, really really smart design. I can't get over how perfect it is for ease of use while traveling. 

Personally, I think a tote bag is a far more attractive choice for your travels.
Longchamp is always a good idea, but it's best to make sure that your second bag has a way of securely attaching to the telescoping handle of your rolling bag. It is SO MUCH easier.

Why not invest in a really GOOD bag like this one that I've been coveting?

Ah Tumi, how I love thee.

Making smart bag choices now will save you a lot of time, energy, and stress while you're en route to your holiday destination.
Have fun!

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