What A Summer

At various points in my life I have been really busy. 
My senior year of high school I was an officer in no fewer than ten student organizations simultaneously.
When I was Miss Vermont I averaged four hours of sleep a night for an entire year because of the demands on my schedule.

So please understand how serious I am when I say that this summer I have been really, really, really busy. 

June and July were packed with international trips (heyyyy 30 hours in Paris with my boyfriend!), and a TON of campaign work, but I was like "Ok, cool, this is a lot but I've totally got this handled."

Then during the first week of August the you-know-what hit the fan. 
(I tried to come up with a less crass metaphor, but really that's what happened.) 

My mom had a stroke completely out of nowhere and has been sidelined ever since.
The good news is that she doesn't have any significant cognitive impairment and there's no paralysis. The bad news is she's just too tired mentally and physically to do most tasks, including things like driving and running her three businesses. 
Yes, three. At one time. 

And that is why my schedule suddenly spiraled out of control. 
All of a sudden I was responsible for a full time job, a political campaign, running three businesses, and a variety of other projects I had on the side. 
(Semi professional blogger here, y'all.)

So this is basically how I've been feeling for the last month and a half:

People keep asking how I'm getting through this. 
The answer? 
Coffee. My super supportive boyfriend. My competent campaign manager. Useful family members. Kind friends. 

Literally every single hour of every single day is packed with SOMETHING URGENT that I have to do. It's a lot. 

So essentially...
Please send wine, Catalyst Coffee gift cards, and don't be mad if I haven't watched your snap story lately. 
Support the campaign here and keep your fingers crossed!

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