Things I'm Coveting: My Birthday Wish List

My birthday (i.e. the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR) is in nine days. I've been so focused on campaigning, flying, and organizing the I actually forgot it was so close until Martin reminded me last night. 
I'm not hard to shop for... as long as you have excellent taste and buying experience for Monelle
For everyone else, here are a few things that would make excellent birthday gifts this year, in plenty of time to order them for June 24th arrival. You're welcome. 

I legitimately don't know if these are a "want" or a "need". I'm pretty sure I need at least five pairs of these to get me through future elections too. 

Y'all know I love working international flights. I figure this baby will draw some Crew Scheduling karma my way so that I'll end up in Europe more frequently. 

A beautiful and practical gift. I've been coveting this case for about 18 months now. 


I'm in love with Jetset Candy. This is the JFK charm, but ideally mine would be PHL or one of their other adorable destination charms. They have this USA Passport stamp one that is adorable. 

I'm not usually this whimsical, but this travel wallet has SO much organization at such a great price. 

I'm turning 26. It's time for a really adult investment handbag (that can be monogrammed).

This smells like fresh French elegance. #goals

Easy and fun. 

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