Things I'm Coveting Today: 3.28.2016

 I'm not really a "watch person" but since I'm required to wear one for work I figure I might as well make it one that tracks my steps and shows me my text messages in addition to telling the time. It IS 2016 after all. I've been considering making the switch to the Apple Watch for a long time now and now that my company recently announced we're all going to be getting raises next month...maybe the time to make the big purchase is coming?

I have been pining for a signet ring for years now. It's so simple, classic, and perfectly personalized. This one would do quite nicely for me, thanks very much. 

How perfect are these for spring?! I love having one or two really pretty and bold pieces that I can pop on with any boring outfit as a little way of saying "look how fun I can be!"

Classic and perfect. The end. 

I'm allergic to pineapples but I actually love them, so instead of consuming them (no pina coladas for this girl, womp womp) I wear them and decorate with them. 

Rumor has it that the bottom compartment of this bag can fit THREE pairs of shoes, so basically I need to get my hands on it and test that out. 

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