I Flew! I Flew!

The last few months have been pretty slow flying for me here on reserve...like....reeeeeally slow.
On the one hand, it's been good to be able to focus on a few other things I've been working on and to get a lot of cross stitching done

BUT. Crew Scheduling FINALLY called me for a trip last week! 

I had layovers in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Phoenix and I just had the BEST time. 

In LA I was able to spend time with my Aunt Anna, Uncle Scott, and my cousins Sarah and Tommy. I hadn't seen these guys in about two years and it had been nearly 14 years since I'd visited them at their house in California. 

My Aunt Anna is also my Godmother and it's always been a fun Bright Family thing that we look extremely similar.

Meanwhile, I look just the slightest bit related to my not-so-little-anymore cousins. Sarah is a senior with SO many accomplishments and Tommy is a sophomore who is very talented in his own right and carrying on the Weber dynasty at their high school. I'm super proud to be related to them. 

It was so hard to say goodbye! 

The next day I ended up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the weather was lovely. I took a nice long walk to the War Memorial and enjoyed the view of Lake Michigan.

When we got to Phoenix I immediately changed at the hotel and hiked about two miles to my favorite BBQ restaurant, Little Miss BBQ. I waited in line for two hours and it was completely worth it. That brisket and those jalepeno cheddar grits...mmmm. 

That night I worked the red eye back to Philly and landed around 6am. 
All in all, a very satisfying four days in the air!

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