Thirsty Thursday: Skincare Edition

When I started Flight Attendant training I knew that once I started flying all the time I was going to need an impressive moisturizing situation to handle the wear and tear on my skin. Enter the Korean beauty line, Dr. Jart+. I've been using Dr. Jart+ skincare products for about a year now, and let me tell you, I'm obsessed. Here are a few of my favorites and two products I'm dying to try.

Sheet masks are the coolest. They help your skin and you get to look like a super creepy horror movie character. It's a win-win. This one is delightfully cool and I've found it's fabulously plumping.

This little bottle is an absolute everyday essential. I use it every morning, whether or not I'm wearing makeup that day. 

I have been super super impressed by this product. I got it as a sample and LOVED how full the coverage was without looking cakey or makeupy. It's the first BB cream that I've truly been able to sub in for my full coverage foundation and it's very moisturizing. It works perfectly over the Ceramidin Liquid. 

If ever a perfect facial moisturizer existed, it's this one. That's really all I have to say about that. 

I haven't tried these bad boys yet, but I'm just dying to. Colored clay that turns into foam? A combo kit? Sign. Me. Up. 

I'm not really a contouring pro, but I feel like this kit could make me one. I'd love to give it a try because this seems like it could totally work. 

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