Things I'm Coveting Today: 2.11.16

This ring is just so dainty and understated but it still manages to fit your whole monogram on there.

Nothing says "I have my life together" like whipping out your own gold pen when it's time to sign the receipt at the end of the night. 

Little known fact: lemons are my favorite fruit. 

Your friends will be thrilled to put a coaster under their champaign flute when that coaster is this sparkly!

Vermont: the gold standard in my heart, the gold standard in this print.

Want to give jewelry that tells her "I'm all in" but you're not ready to put a ring on it? Take a (financially responsible) baby step with these earrings to tell her you want to be bound to her for life. 

I'm a Chi Omega. I love pearls. Anything else?

Oh, and I used to be a pageant girl so when Kate does AB rhinestones, I'm on it.

Ok, hear me out on this one. This cologne looks like something that would be on the dresser of a Wild West saloon owner/pool shark, but it smells like joy in a bottle. I hate many traditional women's perfumes because they smell too floral for my personality. This is a men's cologne but it is FABULOUSLY appropriate for a woman. 

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