Travel Items I Like

Now that you all know about my slight obsession with Packing Cubes, I wanted to share with you a few more items that I love to travel with. 

I'm usually grossed out by reusable water bottles. I've owned your typical plastic ones in the past, but I've always secretly felt that I just couldn't ever get the taste of stale water (or worse, soap) out of the bottle, making the whole "reusable" piece pretty pointless. Then I found these bad boys. They keep your liquids hot (soup from home for layovers, thank you very much!), cold, and they seal completely so you don't have to worry about leaking. I own the large 25 oz bottle...which is advertised as being able to hold an entire bottle of wine... I'm looking forward to experimenting with that when picnic season returns. I sterilize mine using boiling water and vodka so I avoid the whole soap taste issue altogether. 

Are you one of those people who thinks planes are gross? Stock up on this stuff now. It kills the germs and smells amazing. I'm in love with it, and the tiny bottle lasts a surprisingly long time. 

These babies are useful for containing charger cords, small electronics, jewelry, and so much more. They keep your purse or "small personal item" nicely organized while in flight.

This bag is so useful, versatile, and inexpensive that I've actually purchased two. I snapped one up in training because I needed a black bag that was compliant with our uniform standards, and since then I've converted a slew of fellow FAs. It packs easily and is a FABULOUS layover bag with its multiple strap options. Well played, Old Navy. 

I purchased this bag specifically because it has credit card slots right in the bag, keeping my ID readily accessible when I want to breeze through security at the airport. It's a delightful and durable bag that comes in two sizes, I have the mini. It blends in regardless of your circumstances and I just adore it.

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