Things I Love on the Aircraft

1. Running into people I know from Vermont on a flight. 

2. People who help their fellow passengers do things like stow bags, calm crying babies, or purchase a snack for a new friend. 

3. People who make new friends on the plane. 

4. People who are interested in what I do. 

5. People who follow the rules and instructions the first time. 

6. People who read the safety card. 

7. People who stop talking and pay attention (or pretend to pay attention) during the safety demo. 

8. People who let me hold their babies. (Tip: not all FAs love this, but I'm always willing to hold a cute baby, especially if you're a parent traveling alone and you need a few minutes of baby holding relief.)

9. People who bring us candy. 

10. Kiddos who give me hugs or high fives when they're deplaning

11. People who give up their first class seats to service members. 

12. People who give their upgrades to their spouses. 

13. Mature, awesomely behaved kids. 

14. When people are genuinely polite. 

15. Flawless carry on bag placement in the overhead bin. 

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