Flight Attendant Makeup

When I’m on the plane, I’m always slightly confused about how to reply when my coworkers or passengers tell me my skin looks great… Do I tell them it’s makeup? Tell them it’s because I drink a lot of water? Most of the time I just smile and say thank you. As a Vermonter, I’m more likely to be self deprecating than I am to be graciously thankful, but I’m working on it.
The only reason I have any idea what to put on face is entirely because I was Miss Vermont a few years ago. Between YouTube videos, working with a variety of makeup artists, and experimenting with products (I have WAY too many VIB points at Sephora) I’ve developed a pretty decent makeup system, if I do say so myself. The airline doesn’t necessarily require Flight Attendants to wear a full face of makeup every day. Specifically, they ask that we wear mascara and maybe a little blush, because the goal is natural and professional looking makeup. 
Here are my Top Ten products that I use on a daily basis to achieve my FA makeup look: 

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